Wednesday 06 December 2023
Forte shares the benefits of strategic partnerships between insurers and microfinance institutions in Annual Microfinance Conference 2023
By Forte



On 24 November 2023, Mr Ny Lyhoung, our Business Unit Head of Micro and Agriculture Insurance, represented Forte as a speaker at the Annual Microfinance Conference 2023. This event, organized by the Cambodia Microfinance Association in Siem Reap, focused on Responsible Inclusive Finance, Resilience, and Sustainability of the Financial Sector to ensure the sustainability of the financial sector.





The Annual Microfinance Conference this year was held to enhance responsible financial inclusion, protect clients, and assist those facing financial challenges by restructuring loans. This event brought together 320 attendees, including policymakers, economists, business leaders, and banking and microfinance professionals, to gain insight into the latest trends, issues, and solutions in the industry.





For more than 30 years, the microfinance sector has been crucial in boosting the country's economy and reducing poverty by offering financial services to people from various backgrounds. Despite its quick expansion, challenges have arisen, especially in today's economic conditions, requiring cooperation among all involved parties to tackle them effectively. As a speaker, Mr Ny Lyhoung shared benefits that arise from strategic partnerships between insurers and microfinance institutions and how the two sectors can work together to support Cambodia's economic growth and better serve customers, empowering them to live with confidence.







As we reflect on the event, we are confident that the collaborations formed will help serve and equip individuals from all walks of life with financial security.



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