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There's no place like home. This makes it especially important to safeguard it from calamities. Forte's Fire Insurance helps you protect your home - both structure and content - against perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, flood damage, hurricanes, and more. 

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Key Benefits

Forte's Fire Insurance provides coverage for your building structure, improvements, wall, gates and fences, home contents, furniture, fixtures and fittings. It also covers all household goods, personal effects and belongings, except jewelry.


Additional benefits included in your fire insurance:

What is the coverage?
Aircraft Damage
Riot and Strike
Subsidence and Landslip
Hurricane, Cyclone, Typhoon and Windstorm
Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption
Damage By Hail
Damage By Smoke
Vandalism and Malicious Damage
Impact Damage
Spontaneous Combustion
Water Damage

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How to claim

In any event of a claim, please:

  • Immediately take steps to minimize the loss or damage and give notice in writing to Us.
  • within 15 days after the loss or damage, deliver to us all the evidencing documents for claims assessment including further particulars, plans, specifications, books, vouchers, invoices, duplicates or copies thereof, documents, proofs and information with respect to the claim and the origin and cause of the loss or damage and the circumstances under which the loss or damage occurred, and also Particulars of all other Insurances, if any.
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