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Most businesses operate from a physical location - an office building, a hotel, a shopping center, and a factory. Whether large or small, your businesses face different types of risks which can lead to different levels of damage. 


Property Insurance may protect you and your business in case of unforeseen events. In cases of unexpected loss or damage to the property, this can mitigate the decrease in revenue or profit expected when a business is interrupted.

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Key Benefits

Our Property All Risks Insurance offers the following coverage: 

Physical and accidental loss
Physical and accidental loss of, or damage to, the insured property, due to various causes except only those excluded under the policy. These include but are not limited to fire explosions, earthquakes, floods, and windstorms.
Business Interruption
This is defined as the reduction in turnover or loss of profit when the business activities are interrupted by the physical damage covered above.
What properties can be covered?

Similar to other property insurance plans, we provide coverage for buildings, office contents, plants and machinery, and stock of merchandise.

Apartments or condominiums
Colleges and universities
Commercial offices or retail blocks
Financial institutions
Hospitals and clinics
Hotels and resorts
Manufacturing industries including garments and textiles
Schools or educational institutions
Shopping centers, malls, plazas, etc.
Sports facilities or stadiums

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How to claim

In the event of accidental loss or damage:


  • Immediately take steps to minimize the loss or damage and recover any missing property.
  • Give notice to the police if the event is theft, suspected theft, or willful or malicious damage.
  • Immediately give written notice.
  • Provide all particulars and evidence to claim for the loss or damage within 30 days

Please share further information if your business or property has any other insurance coverage.

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