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Forte's Money insurance protects businesses that handle large volumes of money a big part of daily operations. Whether you're a professional cash carrier moving cash or a financial institution dealing with money or cash in counters or in safes or vaults, robbery and burglary is a frightening risk that comes with the business.


Get peace of mind to operate safely and expand your core business with Forte's Money insurance policy. Work confidently knowing that your money is safe whether it's in transit or inside safes, vaults and strong rooms. 

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What is the coverage?

Forte's Money insurance covers losses from burglary after and during business hours, including any damage done to your premises, safes, strongrooms and ATMs.


This insurance provides indemnity for loss of money whilst being transported from one location to another and also whilst inside safes, vaults, and or strongrooms, in any specific location including Automatic Teller Machines of financial institutions.


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