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Construction projects require a lot of capital, time, and effort to see successful completion. Accidents or acts of negligence can cause the project to be suspended, or related parties to be sued for compensation.

Ensure peace of mind with Forte’s Contractors' All Risks Insurance. This plan can be taken out by the principal, contractor, or sub-contractor, either jointly or separately. It provides financial protection for both the property and the people involved, from the time of arrival of construction materials on site, until the completion of the project.

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Key Benefits

Provide all risks cover to protect your project during the construction period for contract works. This plan protects against:

Section 1 - Material Damage
This section covers contract works inclusive of all materials, wages, freight, customs duties, dues, and materials or items supplied by the principal. The contractors also have the option to add coverage of their construction plant, equipment, and construction machinery used for the project.
Section 2 – Third Party Liability
This section includes legal liabilities towards bodily injury to and/or accidental loss or damage to the property of other people other than employees of owner/principal or contractors within the project site during the construction of the property.

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How to claim

In the event of any event or claim, please:

  • Immediately notify us by telephone, giving details of nature and extent of loss or damage
  • Take all steps possible to minimize the extent of the loss or damage
  • Preserve the parts affected and make them available for inspection if required
  • Inform the police authorities in case of loss or damage due to theft or burglary
  • Furnish all information and documentary evidence to us within 14 days of its occurrence

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