Affordable personal accident insurance for your peace of mind

With rising healthcare costs, a personal accident plan eases the financial burden on you and your family if you are involved in an accident. This plan protects you against financial loss and reimburses your medical expenses locally, or overseas if you require treatment abroad.
With Forte’s Personal Accident & International Emergency Medical Assistance plan, you can enjoy peace of mind and protect your family finances. No matter where you are in the world, you can get help anytime – 24 hours, 7 days a week. In an emergency, we can arrange an on-ground or air ambulance, which is the fastest way to get you or your loved one to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility to get you the care you need.

This policy enables you to cover costs related to injury treatment:

24/7 Worldwide Emergency Care Assistance

A Ground or Air Ambulance will be arranged to take you to the nearest local or overseas medical facility, according to the advice of the Appointed Doctor and your Attending Doctor, including transport for one family member or friend to accompany you


After treatment, return transportation will be arranged to your home country or residing country

Repatriation of mortal remains

If you were to unfortunately pass away, your body will be returned to your home country or residing country

Accidental death

Benefit is paid directly to your beneficiaries if your death is due to an accident

Permanent Disablement

Benefit is paid directly to you if you are permanently disabled due to an accident

Injury Treatment

Medical costs including follow-up treatments and medical supplies up to the maximum annual limit of the policy

What types of accidents do we cover?

The plan covers personal injuries from any accident, such as the below and many more:
Traffic accidents
Burns from fire or chemicals
Ear or eye injury
Emergency dental work
Food poisoning
Bites from snakes, insects and dogs
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Support for when you need it most

The unexpected happens

You are on your way to work and got into an accident. You call our emergency hotline.

You are taken to hospital

Your attending doctor will assess your injuries and discuss with a Forte appointed doctor to determine the best treatment for you, either locally or overseas.

We aim to arrange evacuation within 48 hours*

You get treated for your injuries

Get treatment up to the value of the maximum annual limit of your policy (see Schedule of Benefits). Emergency medical evacuation and/or repatriation costs are fully covered.

Your claim is settled quickly

We aim to settle your claim within 14 working days*

*Subject to terms and conditions and satisfactory documentation

Choose the right personal accident insurance plan for you and your family

Schedule of Benefits

Annual Plan
Section I: Personal Accident
A Death due to Accident
USD 10,000
USD 20,000
USD 50,000
B Permanent Disablement due to Accident
USD 10,000
USD 20,000
USD 50,000
C Local Medical Expenses due to Accident
(Non-Evacuation under SECTION II)
* Snake bites and Insect bites
* No limit of number of accidents, but claim amount up to the maximum annual limit
USD 1,000
USD 2,000
USD 3,000
D Overseas Medical Expenses due to Accident
(in the event there is Evacuation under SECTION II)
Co-payment: 25%
USD 10,000
USD 20,000
USD 50,000
Maximum Annual Limit for Section I
USD 10,000
USD 20,000
USD 50,000
Section II: International Emergency Medical Assistance (IEMA)
E Emergency Medical Evacuation due to Accident
F Emergency Medical Repatriation due to Accident
G Repatriation of Mortal remains due to Accident
Fully Covered
(All the plans)

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