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Forte's Fire Insurance policy is designed to protect your investments and assets against damages from fire, lightning, explosion, flood, windstorms, and other perils.

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Key Benefits

If you have the following fire protection systems in place you will get to enjoy discounts on your premium: Hose reels, portable extinguishers, smoke/heat detectors, possess a fire truck and sprinkler installations. The policy provides holistic fire protect that includes: 


Buildings, walls, gates, and fences
Furniture, fixtures, fitting, and plants
Machinery and equipment
Inventory and merchandise
Raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods, and items used in the course of production
Up to USD100 for fire brigade services
Hose reels or internal hydrants 2.5%
Portable extinguishers 2%
Smoke/heat detectors 2%
Solely own fire truck 5%
Sprinkler installations 12.5%
What is the coverage?

The policy will cover your businesses from other accidents and natural calamities, including:

Riot & Strike
Water Damage
Impact Damage
Subsidence & Landslip
Spontaneous Combustion
Vandalism & Malicious Damage

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