Tuesday 02 March 2021
Do you have a back-up plan for unforeseen event during this global pandemic?
By Forte Life


Back then in early 2020, no one would expect that Covid-19 would become a global pandemic. Now, no one knows when it will end. Cambodia is no exception.

Mrs. Lita has enrolled her son to 1st year of primary school by the end of 2019. This year, her child is being homeschooled and is taken care of by his grandmother while Mrs. Lita and her husband are at work. In April 2020, her husband’s manager has told him that he will be forced to take an indefinite break because his company is in desperate needs to cut costs. Mrs. Lita is now the only source of income for the family.

It was raining really hard on that day. While she was on her way home, a car suddenly came crashing towards her. When she came to, she found herself in a hospital bed. Fortunately, she is okay, but with a broken leg. The culprit has already run away. A thought just hit her,



While her family can still get by with just her income alone, it is still very risky. She is very lucky to have a job that provides paid medical leave, so she still has an income for the family even while recovering, but what if she didn’t survive that accident? Who would take care of her child and retired parents?

Fortunately, her husband who is a very responsible man bought a life policy 10 years ago when they get married. She counts her blessing and fortunate that she has the peace of mind on the protection offer by the life insurance policy.

So, start early on your life insurance plan. you will never know when you will need it!


Forte Life Protect works as a shield to protect your loved ones from financial crisis during your sudden absence. It is basically an insurance of love! Forte Life Protect covers on:

          - Death; and
          - Total and Permanent Disablement.

200% Coverage: For an unfortunate event when the insured person passed away or is totally and permanently disabled from an accident, he/she will be covered 200% of his/her sum assured.

Saving Plan: It can also work as a saving plan where you can get cash value back for up to 170% at policy maturity.

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You can also find out more on Forte Life Protect !


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