Tuesday 15 August 2023
Forte Life launches Group MedPro Rider: A new product to enhance employees' well-being
By Forte Life

Phnom Penh: Forte Life Assurance has unveiled its latest product, Group MedPro & MedPro Plus Rider to enhance its existing Group Term Life policy offering, specifically designed to provide comprehensive medical expenses coverage for companies looking to safeguard the health of employees and their dependents. The prestigious event, held at Raffles Hotel Le Royal, was graced by H.E. Bou Chanphirou, Director General of the Insurance Regulator of Cambodia (IRC), Mr Youk Chamroeunrith, Mr. Youk Chamroeunrith, Group CEO of Forte Group, Mr Prou Sythan, CEO of Forte Life Assurance, and esteemed management and staff.



[Photo 1: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony] Middle H.E BOU Chanphirou, Director General of IRC, Left Mr. Youk Chamroeunrith, Group CEO of Forte, Right Mr. Prou Sythan, CEO of Forte Life 


“We recognize that employees are the cornerstone of a company's success, so Forte Life places great importance on helping companies to protect and prioritize employee well-being. A comprehensive benefits package helps employees feel valued and appreciated, enhances job satisfaction and engagement, and also fosters a positive and productive work environment. To address this need, we have introduced the Group MedPro Rider, the first life insurance product in Cambodia specifically tailored to meet the medical needs of employees,” said Mr Prou Sythan, CEO of Forte Life Assurance.



 [Photo 2: Mr. Sythan's Speech] Mr. Prou Sythan CEO of Forte Life having a speech. 


Group MedPro Rider is a unique insurance product that enriches the lives of employees and their dependents by providing extensive coverage for medical expenses. The rider covers various benefits, including Daily Hospital Room and Board, Emergency Road Ambulance Transport, In-patient treatment charges, In & Out-patient Cash benefits, Out-patient Surgical Procedures, Dialysis, Out-patient Cancer Treatment, Pre and Post Hospitalization, Accident Emergency Care, Complications of Pregnancy, and Alternative Treatment. The rider also offers the flexibility to choose coverage for non-emergency or emergency cases, with options to select from ASEAN, Asia Pacific, or worldwide coverage.



Furthermore, companies can opt for the Group MedPro Plus Rider, which provides additional coverage for medical expenses related to hospital admissions and outpatient consultations. This rider includes benefits such as Out-patient Care Benefits, Dental Care Benefits, Vision Care Benefits, Health Checks and Vaccinations Benefits, Durable Medical Equipment Benefits, Hospice Care Benefits, Mental Care Benefits, and Maternity Delivery Benefits. Forte Life believes that insurers can play a vital role in preventive care, complementing their protection services to address the increasing health burden.



[Photo 3: Mr. Sopheak's Speech] Mr Cheab Sopheak, Chief of the Distribution Channel, has a product presentation.



Traditionally, insurers have focused on safeguarding customers from unforeseen events. However, Group MedPro Rider enables Forte Life to expand its role by providing holistic support throughout an employee's health journey. By offering numerous benefits, Forte Life can help corporate clients to cultivate a positive workplace culture, motivating employees to perform at their best and ultimately contributing to the company's success. These offerings provide employers with valuable resources to protect their workforce.



 [Photo 4: Group Photo] Group Photo IRC, Forte Management and Esteemed Guest


For more information about Group MedPro Rider or Group MedPro Plus Rider, contact Forte Life at 098 802 802 or visit Forte Life’s website at www.forteinsurance.com/life.



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Forte is the largest general insurer and fast-growing life insurer in Cambodia, leading the growth of the insurance industry in emerging Southeast Asia with its vision to protect and empower everyone in the region for a better future – one person, one business at a time.


Forte Life Assurance was established in 2019 to provide life protection and investment products which fit the needs and aspirations of today's modern Cambodians. Leveraging on Forte's experience of the general insurance market for over 20 years, Forte Life Assurance aims to make insurance accessible to every family at any income level. It is currently the largest provider of employee benefits in Cambodia.

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