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Make the most out of your visit to Cambodia with Forte's COVID-19 Insurance - we've got you covered!


To ease the stress and financial burden of COVID-19-related expenses, our policy provides protection against the high cost of hospitalization and related expenses to foreign travelers and dependents visiting Cambodia. 

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What is the coverage?

Experience and explore Cambodia with confidence. Get ready for the new normal by safeguarding against COVID-19's disruptions and costs with Forte's COVID-19 Insurance.
With a coverage of up to $50,000 over a period of up to 90 days, you can count on Forte to protect you against high medical costs from a positive COVID-19 result. Key benefits of our COVID-19 coverage include:

Daily room and board
COVID-19 Tests
Diagnostic Procedures
Emergency Hospital Transfer
Funeral Expenses
Underlying Illness
Hospital Miscellaneous Services

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Limit (USD)
Policy Limit per Period of Insurance
Geographical Coverage
Cambodia only
Covered Illness
COVID-19 only
Hospital Room & Board

(Overall daily max up to 90 days per disability)

  • i) Ordinary
  • ii) Intensive care Unit including equipment used in ICU (daily max up to 14 days)
75 per day
COVID-19 Test

(max $100 per test and max 4 times per disability)

400 per disability
Hospital Miscellaneous Services

(daily max)

150 per day
Diagnostic Procedure

(max $150 per time for all types of Diagnostic Procedure and max 3 times per disability)

450 per disability
Emergency Hospital Transfer

(max per disability)

  • Air ambulance
  • Ground ambulance
5,000 per disability
5 per disability 
Funeral Expenses

(per case)

1,500 per disability
Underlying Illness

(max per disability)

150 per disability

We love to help.

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How to claim



Looking to submit a claim? If you test positive for COVID-19, you will need to be hospitalized at one of the Appointed/Authorized Medical Providers authorized by the Ministry of Health Cambodia. Show your COVID-19 INSURANCE Certificate to the Appointed/Authorized Medical Providers, and contact our hotline for assistance.


Your COVID-19 Insurance coverage will come into effect if you test positive for COVID-19 on a PCR Test, subject to the policy limit, sub-limit, terms, conditions, and exclusions.




You can notify the Forte team about the claim, or have your hospital do it directly and we will settle the valid claims with them. You will be responsible for any expenses that are not covered or those that exceed the limit of the Policy and settle these bills directly with the hospitals before being discharged. 


*Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc. reserves the right to update this COVID-19 INSURANCE Claims Procedure without prior notice.

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