Home Protect Insurance

What is Home Protect Insurance?
Forte’s Home Protect Insurance helps to protect your Home by safeguarding the investment in your house and/or contents and to compensate the lost life of your loved ones in the event of fire, damage or theft. Whether you are a house owner or renting a house, accidents will put you in great distress and at this moment the last thing you need is additional expenses on rental for temporary accommodation, moving cost and possible legal suit.

Forte’s Home Protect Insurance could be one of your most meaningful purchases in your most distressful moments. You can dramatically reduce the risk of paying for repairs, replacement or legal compensation when there is an accident. Losing the life of the sole breadwinner could cause your family’s life come to a halt. With Forte’s Home Protector Insurance, you will be assured of compensation and a smooth transition to a new Home.

What is the coverage?
This is not a contemporary Fire and Burglary policy as the cover is not limited to only fire and theft losses but various other means and there are many additional covers and benefits being built into a single policy that suit most people with a Home whether you own or rent a house.

Home Protect Insurance coverage is divided into 5 main sections. The following sections are only applicable when specified in the Schedule:

  • Section 1: Buildings
  • Section 2: Contents
  • Section 3: Multi Risks
  • Section 4: Personal and Family Liability
  • Section 5: Personal Accident to Insured, Legal Spouse, Children or Any Member of Your Family Permanently Residing With You