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The best laid plans can go astray
Travel is exciting and uplifting. It can broaden the mind, recharge the body and soothe the soul. But it doesn’t always run smoothly. There are many events that are beyond your control. And suddenly, after all the careful planning for your trip, you find something has happened that changes everything. Something as simple as a flight delay or misdirected baggage can throw your plans into upheaval. You can lose precious time that may affect your entire travel schedule and inconveniences like this often result in added expenses.


With FORTE you can travel on with confidence
Forte TRIP Multi provides you with extensive coverage to help you manage problems you may encounter while travelling overseas – from minor annoyances to major catastrophes.

Forte TRIP Multi provides compensation for common travel inconveniences like flight delays, loss of baggage, theft and more. You can also be prepared for those less common but more problematic situations, such as accidents or sickness, for which the policy covers related medical and additional expenses. Your Forte TRIP Multi can also meet costs associated with emergency evacuation or the repatriation of mortal remains. It provides an entitlement should you become permanently disabled or die while travelling.

With Forte TRIP Multi, your company does not have to tell us in advance every time your employees go on a business trip. They are automatically covered once they have signed up with us. That means less administration hassle - all they have to do is pack and fly with peace of mind. That’s not all, the plans also cover personal excursions within the geographical area of coverage during or immediately after your business trips.

Summary of Benefits and Limits
Events Limits (USD)
Standard Plan Super Plan (US$)
Individual Individual Family
Medical Expenses 75,000 150,000 Per family: 300,000
Per Adult: 150,000
Per Child: 7,500
Medical Emergency Evacuation 100,000 150,000 Per family: 300,000
Per Insured Person: 150,000
Medically Supervised Repatriation 100,000 150,000 Per family: 300,000
Per Insured Person: 150,000
Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement 30,000 60,000 Per family: 120,000
Per Adult: 60,000
Per Child: 12,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains 7,500 7,500 Per family: 15,000
Per Insured Person: 7,500
Personal Liability 250,000 500,000 Per Insured Family: 500,000
Deposits & Cancellation Charges 3,000 6,000 Per Insured Family: 12,000
Curtailment Expenses 5,000 5,000 Per Insured Family: 10,000
Baggage and Personal Effects 1,500 3,000 Per Insured Family: 4,800
Baggage Delay 500 500 Per family: 1,000
Per Insured Person: 500
Travel Delay 500 500 Per family: 1,000
Per Insured Person: 500
Hijack 2,500 2,500 Per family: 5,000
Per Insured Person: 2,500
Money & Travel Documents 300 600 Per family: 1,200
Per Insured Person: 600
Alternative Employee Expenses 1,250 2,500 Not Applicable
Annual Premium per person - Asia Pacific 230 280 450
Annual Premium per person - Worldwide 330 400 608
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