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Motor Vehicle Insurance

What is Motor Vehicle insurance?

Forte's Motor vehicle insurance policies help protect your loved ones and safeguard your investment in your automobile in the event of an accident, theft or fire. Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, or even if your vehicle is parked, you can dramatically reduce the risk of paying for repairs or compensation if you're vehicle is involved in an accident; and you will be assured of compensation in the event of theft or damage by fire.

What is the coverage?

Our policy offers a wide range of cover and pricing options so you can choose the best insurance coverage for you. From the standard coverage in our affordable "Basic" package to the full protection of our "Comprehensive" policy, we can create a flexible package that means you only pay for the level of cover you need.


Third Party Liability cover protects you should you cause bodily injury to others or damage their car or other property while driving. You are also entitled up to $1,500 for the cost of legal fees.


A Comprehensive policy is tailored to give you maximum protection if your vehicle suffers accidental loss or damage, as well as protecting you against claims from others. The extensive nature of a full Comprehensive policy can insure against passenger liability, theft, fire, strike, riot, civil commotion and even flood damage.

What are the special benefits of insuring with Forte?

  • 24 Hour Claim Service
  • Loyalty Discount
  • No Claims Discount
  • Reliable Repair Service
  • Windscreen Cover
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