FAQ - Directors and Officers Liability Protection

  1. What should we do if there is a claim or we suspect that something has happened may give rise to a claim?

    Report the claim or the relevant circumstances to us as soon as possible. Please refer to the notification procedures for further details.

  2. How do we submit a notification to you?

    Written notification should be sent to us at the following address or fax number:

    Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc.

    Claims Department

    Phnom Penh
    325 Mao Tse Toung Blvd., Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
    Tel: (855) 023 885 066 / 077
    Fax: (855) 023 986 922 / 882 798
    Email: claims@forteinsurance.com

    Siem Reap
    Mondul Stat Chas, Sangkat Svaydangkum,
    Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap Province
    Tel: (855) 063 963 355
    Fax: (855) 063 963 610
    Email: srp@forteinsurance.com

  3. What documents are necessary for reporting a notification?

    Please refer to the list of documents required.

  4. How will we know whether the notification submitted is being processed?

    On receipt of your written notification, we will send you a written acknowledgment. If you do not receive it, please contact us.

  5. How should we handle a claim made against us?

    You have the duty to defend the claim. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, retaining legal representatives to advise you on the defense.

  6. What is the process for retaining a legal representative to handle a claim on our behalf?

    Prior written consent is required from us before you incur any defense costs. You should provide us with the attorney's curriculum vitae (CV), hourly rates, and the budgeted costs for handling the claim.

  7. Are the legal costs incurred in a defense covered under the policy and how are they reimbursed?

    Reasonable and necessary defense costs incurred on a covered claim will be advanced according to the terms and conditions of the policy. Copies of the relevant invoices and detailed narratives should be provided to us for our consideration and assessment.

  8. Can we admit liability or enter into any settlement with the claimant?

    You should not admit liability or enter into any settlement or incur any costs without our prior written consent.