FAQ - Contractors' All Risks/Erection All Risks

  1. When should we notify you that an accident has caused damage to contract works?

    You should contact your agent, broker or us as soon as possible. We will provide immediate assistance.

  2. Must we report losses that are within our deductible?

    If the loss is confirmed below your deductible, it is not necessary to report the loss to us. If you are not sure of the final loss amount or the amount of the deductible, we recommend that you contact your agent, broker or us for guidance.

  3. A passenger was injured by an object falling from a workman's platform. The injury is minor. Must we report the incident to you?

    Section 2 of a standard contractors' all risks policy covers your legal liability for third party bodily injury and property damage. We recommend that you report all accidents involving injury to us, even the injury appears to be minor.

  4. The injured passenger submitted medical receipts to us with a demand for immediate reimbursement. What should we do? Should we pay the passenger and recover our costs from you later?

    You may ask the passenger to send you a claim letter with attached medical receipts and advise him/her that his/her claim will be sent to us for handling. We or our representatives will contact him/her regarding his/her claim. It is important that the claimant's letter includes his/her contact details, such as address and telephone number.

    Your policy requires that you do not admit liability or offer any settlement without our prior consent or the consent of our representatives. Do not pay the passenger unless we or our representatives have instructed you to do so.

  5. Is there any time limit for submitting claim documents to you?

    Yes, there is time limit for the submission of claims and associated documentation. Your policy document contains this information. We recommend that you submit all claim documents as soon as they become available. The earlier you submit the required documents, the sooner your claim will be handled.