FAQ - Business Buddy

  1. What immediate action should we take if a water pipe at our premises bursts and causes damage to our office facilities and inventories?

    You should take immediate action to stop the flow of water. You should then identify and set aside damaged goods and materials. Finally, you should clean up the premises so that you can attend to business as normally as possible. You should also inform the building's management office and report the incident to us.

  2. What immediate action should we take if our premises are robbed and we suffer loss?

    You should report the incident to the police and all other relevant authorities. Include in this report all items that are stolen and their value. You should also take photographs of the damaged properties and any traces of forcible or violent entry to or exit from your premises. Digital photographs are acceptable.

  3. Will you arrange for adjusters or surveyors to conduct a survey at my premises?

    Depending on the circumstances of the incident, extent of damages and other factors, we will consider appointing adjusters or surveyors to conduct an investigation.

  4. How can we report a claim during holiday after business hours?

    You should take immediate measures to mitigate the loss, report the incident to the building's management office, take photographs that document the damages, retain all supporting documents and report the case to us the next business day.

  5. What is a policy deductible? Where can we find out our policy deductible?

    A policy deductible is the amount of money that must be contributed by you, the policyholder, after loss adjustment. The amount of the deductible varies for different causes of accident. It is shown at the bottom of your policy schedule.

  6. How do we submit a claim form and supporting documents?

    You can submit the original claim form and all other supporting documents to our Claims Department. If an adjuster or surveyor is appointed, you should submit these documents directly to them.

  7. When should we report a claim?

    You should provide us with notice in writing within thirty (30) days after any loss, destruction or damage occurred.