Electronic Equipment All Risks Insurance

Electronic equipment is a crucial factor of any professional activity today. There is not a single enterprise today that is not dependent on electronic systems, which are absolutely necessary for any operation. Such equipment has specific requirements and specifications. Its adequate protection led Forte to introduce the "Electronic Equipment All Risks" policy, designed to cover all kind of electronic machinery and equipment from Industry to IT, from medical use to telecommunications, etc.

What is the coverage?
This policy provides a practically limitless spectrum of covers, as this is an insurance against any risk, and therefore is triggered with every unforeseen and unpredictable loss event, except those cases explicitly excluded (and specified in the policy).

The basic program and/or extensions thereof, will cover damage from fire, lightning, short-circuit, smoke, soot, earthquake, moisture, water and weather phenomena, breakage, poor handling, theft, etc. The insured capital must be calculated at the insured equipment’s replacement value, i.e. the value of a new machinery of the same capacity and same type.

The "Electronic Equipment All Risks" also offers basic cover extension:

  • External Data Media, for their value and the cost to record them again.
  • Increased cost of working, including the expense to rent computer systems until repair of the insured one is completed, so that the enterprise can continue operating.